Martínez and Jurado Advocats is a Professional Society inscribed in the Illustrious College of Barcelona and integrated by lawyers exercising in areas as diverse as the administrative, arbitral, bank, civil law, of family, real estate, labor, matrimonially, mercantile, of the industrial and intellectual property, insurances, transport and tributary.

Our activity is developed with full dedication and capacity, offering a personalized service that manages with the biggest rapidity, efficacy and quality of the matters that are entrusted to the signature by particulars and companies.

Any performance continued from the office is based on the beginning of honesty, responsibility, transparency and economy in the management, what offers from the beginning the necessary trust that it must place in its lawyer. In the forensic ambience we have qualified collaborating external experts in the expert ambience in order to have medical-legal, economic-countable reports, of pathologies of the construction and of real estate evaluation, which turn out to be essential for the good defence or claim in a judicial process, reaching of individual form the satisfaction of its particular expectations.

Also we collaborate with external professional offices that are specializing in the administrative management of the company both in the labor ambience, and in the tributary and book-keeper, that they deserve all our confidence.